List Of Items Distributed By Dp Ruto


The Second In Command, Dp William Ruto, has lately been famous for his ‘Hustler’ tag and his generosity towards donating several items to specific Youth.

According to Dp Ruto, he has requested leaders to work towards engaging the Youth and Women in Productive activities that would earn income. “Leaders must work towards engaging the youth and women in productive activities that would not just earn them an income but also keep them busy, away from participating in anti-social behaviour.” Ruto mentioned.

Here is a list of Items Ruto has been Distributing;

1. PA System

2. Motorbikes

3. Ubers, promoting exisisting businesses by buying from them like vibandas, kiosks, mahindi choma, etc

4. Mkokoteni

5. Wheelbarrows

6. Car Wash Tanks and Machines

7. Fully recorded Songs – Professional Audio and Videos

8. Laptops

9. Fully Equipped Salons

10. Fully Equipped Kinyozi

11. T-Shirt printing Machines

12. Incubators

13. Poultry Equipment and Feeds

14. Assistance for Sacco formation

15. Shoe Shine shelters and tools 

16. Mama Mboga Umbrella Shades

17. Mixers

18. Beads

19. Tailoring Machines

20. Fully Kit Mechanic Tool box

21. Carpentry bending machines

22. Digital painting tools

23. Washing Machines

24. Cameras and Yoga Mats

25. Gym Equipments for group business

Below are Images;