[VIDEO]Kieleweke Mp Flee For Safety After Grabbing Mic From Ruto’s Ally


Today in the afternoon five family members from Murang’a county were to be laid to rest at Nyakahura Village in Murang’a county.

However,the burial that was highly attended by politicians turned Chaotic after Mp Muturi Kigano interrupt kiharu parliamentarian Ndindi Nyoro.

In the video that was recorded by one of Dp Ruto press members the kiharu parliamentarian was talking to the public when the Mp who is also allied to Governor Mwangi wa iria uttered some words causing uproar all over.

The mp was bundled out by the irate youths allied to the Nyoro after he continued throwing insults from all corners.

This led to disruption of the burial as the kiharu members of parliament tried to cool off the irate residents.

The burial of the Five family members was being held at Nyakahura Village Kangema after the five family members succumbed in a fatal accident that occurred in the neighboring machakos County.

On that fateful day the vehicle that was carrying at least fourteen of the family members who were from visiting the in-laws lost control and rolled several times killing the five.

Barely some days ago another Chaotic day was witnessed after MPs allied to the deputy president collided at the residence with those from Kieleweke side during a donation to aid in bringing back the bodies.

This might be the main cause of the chaotic scenes witnessed today during the burial. AS a person allied to Mwangi Wairia was kicked out.