Reason Why Couple Sometimes Do Not Talk To Each Other


Sometimes a sweet relationship can turn sour. Instances of fighting Couples and finally breaking up is a common scenario world wide. Normally before a breakup is done, a couple must have been through a lot including separation and keeping silence from talking to each other.

Below are some good reasons why a man or Boyfriend will avoid talking to his wife or girlfriend;

1. Women Overreact

Most of the women Overreact on petty issues. This would make a man to definitely keep off from uttering a word to their ladies.

2. Gossip

Most of the ladies and women are known to be good in gossiping. This would definitely put a man off in that he would avoid telling important issues to her.

3. Emotional

Some women are too emotional to control themselves.

4. Some ladies do not initiative Conversation.

This is whereby a lady will wait for a man to talk to her. In that if a man or boyfriend does not start the conversation; you both keep quiet.

5. Man Judge Woman

When a woman would feel that a man is always judging her. She would be trying to avoid you.

6. Complains

Some women do complain alot. This habit would make a man to avoid her in that she would complain instead of giving some points.

7. Argumentative

A simple conversation can turn nasty thus some men would avoid bringing up some conversation that can turn bad.