Raila Declares War Against BBI Critics

Photo:Raila Odinga

On Friday 25th September,Raila Odinga hosted the ODM National Executive Committee.

The ODM NEC discussed issues pertaining to the BBI report.
In a statement by ODM party leader Raila Odinga,he has said that the BBI report is around the corner.
Raila Odinga also gave out an assurance that the BBI referendum is a must.
“The BBI report is around the corner. The forces that have always opposed change; the voices of impunity that thrive on corruption and outright lies, have already lined up against the report. 
Those dark forces are already working hard to cause fear and disharmony among our citizens, they are corrupting our people with stolen money and they are beating the drums of war all in a bid to scuttle change. We must stop them from dragging the country into anarchy. 
In the months ahead, we are going into a confrontation with the beneficiaries of the proceeds of corruption who are arraigned against our agenda for a radical socio-economic transformation, job creation, and equitable distribution of prosperity. We must win that war,”reads a statement by Former PM
This comes a few months IEBC in a statement said there is no budget set aside for the BBI Referendum.
However,reports have indicated that to reduce on the cost of Referendum push,the BBI might go through Parliamentary voting